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Sushi Burgers

Sushi Burgers are a fun twist on traditional Sushi! When I first discovered Sushi Burgers, I made them like a burger, with a rice "bun" on top and one on the bottom of all the sushi goodness. But that was a bit much rice for me, so I only use rice on the bottom, as pictured below. But you can try a traditional sushi burger with two "buns" or an open face sushi burger, with just one "bun" on the bottom! Either one is delicious!

Sushi Burger Ingredients

For the Rice

2 cups cooked Sushi Rice (I use Calrose Rice cooked in the instant pot. It get nice and sticky and works well)

2 T Rice Vinegar

1 tsp Sugar

Dash Salt

For the Sushi

1 cucumber, sliced or slivered

shredded carrots (I buy a bag of shredded carrots at Walmart)

1-2 avocados, sliced

sesame seeds

Nori (seaweed paper), cut into small pieces

1-2 cooked sweet potatoes, sliced/slivered

For the Sauce



Soy Sauce

Wasabi Sauce


We like to put two sauces on our sushi burgers.

The first one is made by mixing Sriracha and mayo. We use the

JUST Mayo brand, which is egg free. You can mix this as hot or mild as you like. Start with 4 T mayo and a squirt of siracha. Add more siracha if you want it hotter =). This is a thick sauce that we put on top of our "burger".

The second sauce we like is made by combining 4 T soy sauce with a squirt of wasabi sauce. Mix these together. Add more wasabi if you like it hotter. This is a thin sauce that we dip each bite in.

Assembling the Sushi Burgers is half the fun!! We let everyone assemble their own!

Start by preparing the rice. Combine a teaspoon of sugar, a dash of salt and 1/4 cup rice vinegar. Mix these together in a small bowl, then pour over rice as soon as it is cooked. Stir to combine. Let rice cool. Everyone likes a different flavor to their sushi rice so experiment and decide what combination of rice vinegar, salt and sugar you prefer. I don't even add salt to mine. Once I forgot the sugar too and it was still yummy.

Once your rice is cooled, make your "buns" by wetting your hands with water and pushing the rice into a patty with your hands. Or, if you want it to be more bun-like, smoosh the desired amount of rice into the bottom of a small, flat bottom bowl. Then pop the "bun" out onto a plate.

Top with the sushi toppings you like. No two sushi burgers look the same at our house. Some like Nori, some don't. Some like sweet potato, others don't. I like to layer sweet potato, shredded carrots, cucumbers, and avocado on top. Then I add the Sriracha/mayo mixture, small pieces of Nori and some sesame seeds.

That's it! It's a pretty quick and very tasty dinner!

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