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I would eat plant based if it tasted good!

When I started down this plant based journey, I was so excited to share my new discovery with others! I had found a way of eating that made me FEEL better and helped me be HEALTHIER as well! I had more energy, my complexion was clear, my cholesterol decreased, I lost weight...What could be better than that?

But I quickly learned that not everyone is looking to feel better or eat better, and they certainly weren't interested in what I was learning about how food affects us.

Once I had a conversation with a neighbor who had learned lots about plant based eating and was very interested in the health benefits for himself and his family. His 'hang up' was that he hadn't found any recipes that taste good! He said to me, "Find me plant based recipes that taste good, then I'll convert!"

Challenge accepted!

I've always been on a mission to find healthy recipes that taste good, but I think there are more people out there like my neighbor who are interested in eating healthy, but just don't know where to start or what to eat!

My goal is to add recipes that are family tested! If no one in my family likes the recipe, it won't make it to this website! Promise!

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